Your Belly Belt Does Business and Formal

You love your cute belly bands for wear with jeans and cute little skirts. You depend on your belly belt for business and formal wear.

Please do not turn a simple decision into another agonizing pregnancy debate. Your wardrobe choices do not have the same environmental and economic impact as your choice of diapers, bottles, and breast-feeding versus formula. You need not make it belt versus band. As a matter of fact, you ought to make belt and band. In order to keep wearing your cutest outfits throughout your pregnancy, you need both bands and belts. Bands go casual. Belts go formal. You haven’t slowed down or restricted your busy life; why would you restrict your wardrobe?

First, promise yourself one major pregnancy indulgence: You will shop carefully and select a beautiful maternity dress that looks and fits as if the designer and tailor crafted it for you and only you. Of course, in order to get maximum mileage from this elegant “gown,” you will train the baby’s father to take you out at least once each week during the thirty-six weeks you wait anxiously for baby’s premier. By the time baby arrives, dad will have developed the “date night” habit, and you will have received more than your money’s worth from your indulgence.

Meanwhile, keep wearing your regular business wardrobe. Your elegantly tailored slacks and skirts do not deserve none months’ confinement in the closet; and, admit it, you infinitely prefer buying baby stuff over buying funky, frumpy stuff for you. Your belly belt expands as your baby grows, but it does not stretch-out like a belly band; instead, you adjust it, fitting it perfectly to your waist and securing it in the waistband of your pants or skirt. Belly belts come in two functional styles-one for pants and skirts that button, the other for pants and skirts that hook. Nor must you abandon your favorite frilly blouses. You leave them strategically un-tucked, covering your belly belt. Your belly belt also covers you, because each belt comes with fabric inserts specifically designed to fill the gap in your waistband. Because you will find fabric inserts in most popular fabrics, you will easily will match your skirts and pants or coordinate with your blouses.

Your belly belts assure your comfort, style, confidence, poise, and dignity. They also preserve your cash-on-hand, so that you may invest in nursery furniture and every high-tech baby-learning gadget known to womankind.